Back in the USA

16 Dec

After a long day of no sleep and little patience, I finally made it back home! Today was quite a struggle, but now I’m finally at home relaxing and enjoying the start to my winter break. Of course I’m missing London beyond belief, but after the annoying aspects of today adding up and getting me impatient, there’s no place I’d rather be than my home back in NY!

After only getting 1 hour of sleep last night (or more like this morning. Don’t ask…), I was at the airport by 9:30 AM for a 1 PM flight. Of course everything was so complicated to check in and drop off our bags. We had to go to a different kiosk for everything! So annoying. Finally once we made it through security, they didn’t post our gate until 30 minutes after we were supposed to find out, making our take off later. Fortunately, we got in at the same time we were supposed to. But of course, baggage claim took over an hour and a half. Just those small things added up and made me so frustrated, but once I saw my parents waiting for me right outside the customs area, I couldn’t have been happier!

So far all I’ve done while being home is unpacked my two huge suitcases, ate the BEST homemade dinner ever, and caught up with my parents and brother. It’s always nice to be home after a while, especially for Christmas and the holidays. Tomorrow my family and I are decorating our Christmas tree and Christmas village. It’s going to be quite a holiday-filled day! Hopefully I won’t wake up too early and be too tired to do anything, thanks to the stupid time difference. 

Well… now that I’ve had a ridiculously long and tiring day, I’m going to fall asleep probably before 10 PM. Who cares. I need sleep. Plus I’m sure I’ll be up around 4 or 5 AM here. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 


My Last Day as a Londoner

14 Dec

Well, the time has finally come. December 14th, my last full day in London. At this time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane crossing the “pond” to officially start my winter break back home. Although I do miss home and can’t wait to do nothing but relax for 3 weeks straight, I’m going to miss London way too much. 

One of the things I’m most anxious for about getting home is to see people I haven’t seen in 3 1/2 months or more. Being abroad has really changed me and my perspective on everything in life, and it’s going to be weird seeing people who haven’t shared a similar experience and haven’t gone through that change. Either way – it’ll be so great seeing family and friends after soooo long!!

As my last day (which didn’t actually start until I got up at 11 AM… whoops…), my friends and I needed to do some walking around and last minute souvenir shopping. Of course we all look out our windows when we get up and see nothing short of what we should have expected: a cloudy sky, wet streets, and the fact that it looks like it’s about to rain. And of course when we walk out of the building, it is raining. But the rain won’t stop us! Our first stop was at Harrods, and although I said I would never step foot in that place again for the life of me, this time was so different. Shockingly for a rainy Friday afternoon, Harrods was ridiculously quiet. I was honestly dreading going back to that jam-packed, crazy store, but this experience was a million times better. Especially because we got to see PUPPIES! Harrods has pure-bred dogs that cost about 2,000 pounds to adopt, but they’re in this room with clear windows and they are actually the cutest puppies ever. So cuddly and playful! At first I thought they must be super miserable, but they just looked like they were having the time of their lives. Anyways, I just had to buy some last-minute gifts from there, and was successful with that!

View from my room. So gloomy!



Next stop: The Ritz. Don’t worry, I’m not usually that fancy… Kirsten interned at the Ritz for her placement this semester and wanted to say bye to everyone, and I wanted to come along and see the inside. It was BEAUTIFUL inside. Big and small Christmas trees, beautiful lights, the whole thing. And all of the employees were so sweet – we even got complimentary champagne! I also got to meet a piano player who played for Frank Sinatra, and the owner of the Ritz hotels passed by us! So cool! I felt like a bit of a celebrity. Kirsten actually told me, which I never knew before, that there are only 3 Ritz hotels in the world – Madrid, London, and Paris. The Ritz and Ritz Carlton are very different. They were all built by the same people/company, but are owned and managed very differently. Kind of interesting! Lastly, we just walked around Picadilly, the “Time Square” of London, and bought cheesy souvenir gifts for people.

It was so sad walking around the streets of London and not knowing when I’ll be back… At least I know that London is 100% a city I’ll come back to visit. Some places I went to over my semester are cities I might not see again, but I’m happy to leave London knowing that I’ll be back here. Hopefully sooner rather than later though.



Welcome to the Ritz!



Clearly the Ritz does Christmas right…

Tonight my friends and I are going out to dinner and going out on the town and hopefully (well… trying at least) staying up all night. I have yet to pull an all-nighter here so maybe tonight will be the night! I guess we shall see… Oh yeah, and I also have to do this dreadful thing called packing. But maybe if I don’t pack I won’t have to go home, right?

The next time I post will either be from the airport tomorrow or when I’m back in NY! So, thanks for reading all about my London adventures! I’m beyond sad that they’re reaching an end, and that this chapter in my life is just about over, but that means I’m onto new and different things, like a crazy busy semester starting in January! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and be on the look out for posts about my post-London depression, which will strike the second my plane takes off tomorrow…

Abroad Favorites

12 Dec

As my amazing semester abroad comes to a close, I thought it would be fun to write about all of my favorite things about my time spent across the pond. It’s kind of hard to choose my favorites, since every part of my abroad experience has been nothing short of awesome. But I guess I’ll try… Oh, and it may be a bit repetitive if you’ve read my past posts. Sorry!

Favorite sight in London: Big Ben and Kensington Palace. I’ll start with Big Ben. And you’re probably thinking I’m the most touristy person ever for saying that Big Ben is my favorite London sight. But I’ll take your judgement, it’s fine. Every time I walk out of the Westminster Tube Station, my  jaw always drops just looking at how beautiful Big Ben is. It’s probably the most symbolic building in London and everyone knows London for it. I don’t know, there’s just something about the beauty and symbolism behind Big Ben that makes me love it so much. And the amount of pictures I’ve taken of/by/with Big Ben is ridiculous. Oh well… Next! Kensington Palace is the former home of Princess Diana and the official residence of William & Kate. When my friends and I first stumbled upon it in our walk in Kensington Gardens our first few days here, there were hundreds of bouquets, pictures, notes, and other memorial objects placed around the gates since it was the 15th Anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. The building is just so beautiful, and the gardens right around the palace are amazing when it’s the right season. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that the palace is only a 15 minute walk away from my dorm!

Image Nothing beats a Big Ben picture on a perfect day.

ImageThe gates and Kensington Palace! You can see all of the things people left in honor of Princess Diana.

ImagePart of the Garden. You can get tea towards the back of the Garden too!

Favorite City I Traveled To: Paris and Prague. The two P’s. They really stood out more than any other city. Paris was a city I knew I would love. I’ve been dreaming about going to Paris since I can remember, and love everything about France. I went to Nice (South of France) in 2008 for a month doing a French language program, and that made me fall in love with France even more. Paris has so much history and culture, and it is just one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. Every building is so quaint and perfect – nothing too modern, nothing too tacky, just perfect. Every sight was just as I imagined times a million in perfection. Same with the food! Prague on the other hand shocked me. I never had much of a desire to go until my best friend from home decided to study abroad there, and if she didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have gone to see Prague then or ever. And I’m SO glad I did get to go. Like I wrote in my previous post about Prague, it’s a mix of Paris and Bruges with its modernness and medieval feel. The buildings, like Paris, are very quaint and beautiful and some sights are actually breathtaking. The castle standing on one of the main hills was probably my favorite sight. It’s just so majestic and made Prague stand out from every other city I’ve been to. My friend and I both said that Prague is such an underrated city, and it really is. I’ll definitely be going back to both of these cities, and you should absolutely go visit them.

ImageJ’adore Paris!

ImageView of Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge. You can’t say that’s not beautiful.

Favorite New Food: Salad with Warm Goat Cheese. This sounds pretty simple, and it is. But in Paris, a popular dish is salad with warm goat cheese on toasted baguette. I tried it on my first night in Paris, and ever since, I’ve been craving that anytime I crave something healthy (which may or may not be that often… but that’s okay). It’s just SO delicious, and I’m really not a fan of goat cheese. It’s just so perfect. And now I need to end this section because I’m getting way too hungry to continue.

ImageYum!! Source: Steamy Kitchen

Favorite Area of London: Soho. Yes, London does have a section called “Soho” just like NYC. And it’s very similar. One similarity is all of the restaurants both Sohos have. Of course, now you know why it’s my favorite area. When my parents came to visit, we walked around Soho for a little while. It was a quieter area of London and seemed a bit more about the locals. Just a few minute walk from Leicester Square and a little further away from Covent Garden, it can get busy but it didn’t feel too touristy the times I’ve been there. If you’re in London looking for a great place to eat, Soho is probably your best bet.

Sorry, no good pictures of Soho to share. Just go for yourself and see it! 🙂

Favorite Market: Borough Market. Europe is known for having markets of all kinds. There’s food markets, vintage markets, clothes markets, and much more in probably every city. London has a few major markets, including Camden Market, Portobello Market, Spitalfields Market, and my favorite market in the world… Borough Market. An all food market. What could be more perfect? This market literally has any type of food you want – fresh fruits and vegetables, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, sausages, savory pies, fresh baked bread and baked goods, smoothies, sangria, crazy burgers, kangaroo meat, granola, everything. I kid you not. Make sure to definitely grab some lunch here if you come, but try not to go on a Saturday if possible. Although more vendors will be open on Saturday (the market area is open Tuesday-Saturday technically), it’s also the most touristy and crowded day.

ImageNoms on noms.

ImageUgh. It looks too good.

Favorite Touristy Activity: Tea Time. Tea time is a typical English tradition, and so when in Rome, do as the Romans! Well… when in London, do as the Londoners. Whatever. You get the picture. My friend Nicole came to visit at the end of September, and she’s already been to London a few times and has seen all the touristy sights. So when I asked her what some things she wanted to do were, one of them was go to tea time. It was so much fun and there was so much included with the tea! First we got a lovely glass of champagne, then our tea came, and we each got our own tea pot, giving us about 7-8 cups. On top of that, we got a ton of finger sandwiches, a few scones, and a bunch of little desserts. It was so good! Tea time can get expensive, and some places can charge up to 60 pounds a person. Try to find cheaper places, like we did. We found tea time at the Hyatt Regency Churchill and it wasn’t badly priced, which is surprising because it’s in a beautiful hotel. And sometimes they have themed tea options – the hotel had a Sex and the City themed option, where you get extra food like mini burgers, and fun cocktails!

ImageAs you can tell, I was totally digging tea time.

Well this post just made me extra depressed about leaving… Ugh! It’s seriously way too bittersweet. As excited as I am to see family and friends, my home and dog, and enjoy my home life that I’ve been missing for the past 3 1/2 months, London has been way too good to me, and I really don’t want to leave. If only it was possible to bring everything I love about home and school and bring it to London… that would be pretty sweet.

So here’s pretty much how the last 2 1/2 days are working for me:

Tonight, my friends and I are going to a restaurant called Big Easy, a “BBQ & Crab Shack” restaurant. Of course we’re getting a good American fix 2 days before we’re back in the states… Oh well. My parents went to this place when they came in October, and loved it so much they bought my friends and I a gift card to go and enjoy ourselves. Thanks Mom & Dad if you’re reading this! It’s located in the hip Chelsea so it’s not too far from us. After that, I’ll probably be relaxing and not having to stress about a test tomorrow like a lot of people are. Finals will do that to you!

Tomorrow is finals day for everyone. Whether that means you have a paper due, a presentation to give, or a test to take, it’ll be our last time in the classroom building. I have a paper due and a presentation to give, and I finished those yesterday, so I’ve been pretty stress-free the past 24 hours. Afterwards, it’ll probably and unfortunately be time to start packing. One of the most dreaded activities about going anywhere. And it doesn’t help that my room is so small it’ll be so hard to move things around! At night, our program planned an End of Semester party at some bar, so I’ll be going to that and going out after for a last Thirsty Thursday in London.

I’m not entirely sure what Friday has coming for me, but I’m hoping to just walk all over London, getting last-minute souvenirs and enjoying the last of the London sights. And I’ll finish packing obviously. I’m hoping to just stay up all Friday night and frolic around the city until the wee hours of the morning, when I have to check out at 8 AM. No point in even sleeping… I can sleep in America!

It’s officially T-67 hours (I think) until my plane leaves from Heathrow. Gotta make the most of these few hours. Which means no more blogging and time to do something productive… Bye!

The Last 5 Days

10 Dec

5 days and counting until it’s time to head back to the good old states. Yesterday I was thinking about how it feels like it was just yesterday that I even started this blog. I started it almost 4 months ago… but the time went by SO fast. I was looking through some of my old posts, like my 2 week and 1 week countdowns until leaving for London, and my post the day I left. I really don’t understand how this semester went by so fast; it’s definitely been the fastest semester yet. 

With the last five days, I’m currently 3/4 classes done. Two of my classes were done back in October, and I finished my internship a week and a half ago, but we have a paper due today that is an overall analysis of our placement experience. Once that’s handed in in the next hour, I’ll have the next 72 hours to focus on my final paper. Which I’m hoping to have done by tonight so I won’t have to worry about it my last couple days and can just relax… but that’s definitely dreaming big. My paper and presentation, which is a very small and casual presentation about a post-war British play, are both due Thursday, so after that I’ll have 48 hours to spend packing, wandering around, and crying my eyes out because I’ll be missing London.

As you can probably figure out, this past weekend was my last one here. Ahh! It’s so sad to think about 😦 Don’t make me leave!!! Anyway to get back on track: Friday was a relaxing day since I was still feeling sick and tired from my 6 day travel adventures (which you can read about Dublin here and Prague here!) On Friday night, my friend from home Tana was here so we got dinner and caught up, which is always so fun to do. It was seriously a week of friends from home, and I’m definitely not complaining.

Saturday, Kirsten and I decided to go all around London and do some things we wanted to do. First was seeing the Prime Minister’s residence on 10 Downing Street. But that was a bit of a disappointment. The entire block was gated off, and the house was right in the middle of the road, so it was kind of hard to see it. I only recognized it from seeing it so often on TV, otherwise I wouldn’t have realized which building it was. I guess that was pretty cool… but kind of a waste of time. After that we went right down the street to the Churchill War Rooms, which were awesome. Located right near Parliament Square and across the street from St. James Park, the rooms were all underground and were used during WW2 to protect Churchill and others from bombings. There were so many rooms – numerous bedrooms, a kitchen, a conference and meeting room, a room just for the Trans Atlantic telephone, and lots more. There was even a sub level where people could sleep, although it was completely undesirable since there were rats and toilets that didn’t flush. I personally am a huge history person – I even took a class last year called History of War which was one of my favorite classes at BU – so I really enjoyed learning about all of that. After our little history lesson, we walked along Southbank trying to find a Chocolate Festival we read about in Time Out London. We weren’t very successful, and Southbank was RIDICULOUSLY crowded, so that was a bit of a bummer. Oh well – next was heading up to the City of London to walk across the Millenium Bridge and go to the Globe Theatre (which apparently isn’t the original Globe – the first one burnt down). There we met up with Kirsten’s two friends and went to Tate Modern. I’ve heard Tate Modern is a lot to take in, and it really is. Lots of bizarre art, and nothing that really fascinated me. Like I’ve said multiple times before, I’m not a big museum person. So this one could have put me right to sleep. Since I wasn’t feeling so good after that, I decided to go home and nap and Skype with my parents. Oh… and do homework. I’m not digging this whole finals week thing…

I spent all of Sunday doing homework and relaxing. Which is fine, but I’m kind of over school work and would like to just be home relaxing and relishing the holiday spirit with my family. Oh well, just a few days left and I’ll be doing just that!

See you in 5 days, America!

The Last of my Travel Adventures: Prague

7 Dec

Onto Part 2 of my mini vacation!

On Monday, December 3, I left Dublin to head to Prague to visit my friend Carolyn. And Monday was her 21st birthday! So it all worked out really well. I was so happy to be able to visit her and celebrate such a big birthday with her.

I arrived around 4 PM and we spent about an hour walking around the main area of Prague. Honestly, it is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. It’s strong mix between Bruges and Paris; it’s very medieval looking like Bruges, but it’s still a beautiful and modern city like Paris. It’s also not too much and not too small – although we walked most of the city in about 1 ½ days, we always had options of things to do or places to walk to. After we walked around, we went to dinner for Carolyn’s birthday, and afterwards, went to a hotel rooftop bar to celebrate her being legal! The view was beautiful and was off to the side of Old Town Square, one of the main parts of Prague.

Image View of the Castle at night from the Charles Bridge at night

Tuesday we walked all around the city and our first stop was the Lennon Wall. Because the Czech Republic was communist until fairly recently, the only freedom of speech they had was on this wall. Well, at least until the government painted over it. Once communism ended, the wall was never painted over. It was a really cool sight to see. Next, we headed to the Prague Castle. It sits on a huge hill and is absolutely beautiful, especially from the Charles Bridge, the most well known bridge in Prague. Although it took us a little while to find the entrance to the castle and the weather wasn’t perfect, the view from the top was worth it. We went into a church, an older part of the royal palace, and the Golden Lane, which is this tiny road of miniature houses. It’s so precious! It looks like tiny people should live there, like the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. After that it was time to get warm and get some soup… Goulash soup to be exact! Goulash is a traditional Czech dish, and the soup was SO good. I loved it! Afterwards, we continued to walk around, hang out at her apartment, and got some yummy sushi.

Image Carolyn and I at the Lennon Wall


 View of Prague from the Castle grounds


 The Golden Lane. Mini buildings!


 The most wonderful Goulash soup!

On Wednesday, we decided to go up to the Clock Tower in Old Town Square. At every hour on the hour, a loud bell rings and a man plays a trumpet at the top of the tower. It’s really exciting, but it gets ridiculously crowded, especially at noon (which was when we were there). Then we decided to head up to the top of the Clock Tower to see the view. It was so, so pretty! You could see everything from up there, and it was just awesome. After our quick trip up to the top, we walked to Letna Park. Although it was kind of dead there, it was really pretty to walk around and be in a different, not-city atmosphere. The park also has this bizarrely large metronome, which is kind of funny. We also found a really pretty view of the entire city up on another hill that overlooks the entire city. We just found all the great sightseeing spots all over the city! Lucky us! After that, we headed to the Prague Beer Museum, which is actually a pub, and we tried different beers. We tried a honey beer, a “Christmas” beer, a blueberry beer and a chocolate beer. Chocolate was obviously my favorite, but Christmas wasn’t too bad either. They literally had hundreds of beers to try from, and we were so overwhelmed! After that, we went to get one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten – turtlenecks. It’s pretty much baked dough with sugar and nutella. And it was obviously AMAZING. I could have eaten 10 more after that. After developing a drink and food coma, decided to relax, eat, and at night we went to this bar called U Sudu that was downstairs and was pretty much like a cave. It was so cool, but we left smelling like cigarettes since everyone was smoking inside. Oh well.


At the top of the Clock Tower. Sorry I look tired.


View of Prague from Letna Park


Old Town Square! Sorry, should have probably put this picture earlier up in the blog…

Thursday, my last day, was more of a stroll around and do nothing kind of a day. First we walked around and came across the Sex Machines Museum. And yes, we did go inside. It was probably the most interesting but weird museum I’ve EVER been inside. I won’t get descriptive, but some things were just not fun to look at. Since the day started with such nice weather, we decided to walk along the river after that, but then it got a little cloudy, which was fine. It was still a beautiful walk. It was getting really cold, so we grabbed a hot chocolate, and while we were inside, it started snowing! The first snow I’ve seen of Winter! So exciting!! But yeah, after that we decided to hang out before I had to leave. So sad!

Prague is probably one of my newfound favorite cities. It was so beautiful and I hope to go back very very soon! Maybe even with my parents, who are dying to go there. It’s such a bummer that all my abroad travels are over, but I’m really excited to spend my last week in London seeing all of the sites I still need to see, finishing my work for finals, and getting home in 8 days! It feels like just yesterday that I started my blog and major countdown to leave for London, and now I have just over a week before I go home. SO WEIRD!!

Hope everyone is staying warm now that it’s December! Enjoy the weekend.

The Last of my Travel Adventures: Dublin

6 Dec

Since I haven’t blogged in a week, I have a lot to catch up on since I did a lot of traveling this week. It was such a fun trip getting to see two of my best friends and seeing such beautiful, fun cities! My first stop was Dublin to visit Elisabeth, which is what this post is all about! Part 2 (Prague) will come soon… just be patient!

I arrived in Dublin on Friday night just in time for my friend Elisabeth’s Christmas party in their apartment. Yay! Of course I rocked the ugly xmas sweater… what other way is there to dress for a holiday party?! Afterwards we decided to go to a couple bars and see the Dublin night life for a little bit. Since I didn’t get there until late, there wasn’t enough time to do too much Friday. But that’s what the rest of the weekend was for!

Saturday we took the bus into the main part of the city and walked around. I saw Trinity College, the Molly Malone statue, the Spire, St. Stephen’s Green, River Liffey, and some other stuff! Since the city is so small, we walked around most if it in just a few hours with a couple pit stops, one of them being Butler’s Chocolate shop, which had the BEST hot chocolate I’ve ever had. It was hot chocolate with an oreo cookie at the bottom and tasted like heaven. We also saw lots of whacky street performers, which was entertaining, but at the same time a little bizarre. Oh well! Oh and of course we went shopping. We spent the night going to pubs & bars in Dublin, which was a lot of fun. The Irish are crazy, but in a good and fun way! I love it.


Trinity College


The famous Molly Malone statue


My friend Elisabeth & me at St. Stephen’s Green

Sunday was a rainy day, and we originally were going to go to the Jameson Whiskey Factory, but because no tickets were available, we decided to do the next best thing – the Guinness Factory! I’m not a big fan of beer (or whiskey for that matter), but I had to do one of the two, and Guinness was our only option. The factory is a self-guided tour and explains everything about the beer, from how it’s made to how its advertised. Honestly, making that beer and probably most others is such a science. Also, apparently the factory at St. James’ Gate has a 9,000 year lease. Talk about self confidence! Arthur Guinness, who (obviously) created Guinness beer, signed the lease in 1759. So it still has A LOT of time at that factory! I wonder what will happen when the lease is up… After the self-guided tour, we learned how to pour our own pint of Guinness! It was so official – there was a certain angle you had to pour it at and change the angle at a certain time, then let it settle, then fill it up not too much but not too little. We even got a diploma after for all our hard work. Oh, and a free pint! Afterwards we decided to get dinner and do some work for the rest of the night.


At the Guinness Factory!

ImageMy pint & diploma. Yay!


Dublin was such a great city! It reminded me a lot of Boston (maybe because there’s so many Irish people in Boston too…) but it was so lively and fun. And all the Irish people are SO nice! Two of the taxi drivers I had literally told me their life story, and another one was singing I Follow Rivers like there was no one else in the cab. All of which I loved. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit Dublin again in the future!

After my visit to Dublin, I headed to Prague to visit Carolyn. All about that trip is soon to come in a new post! Hang tight!

A Week of “Last”s

29 Nov

As the days are winding down until I leave London, there are lots of things coming to an end. This week was my last week interning with ZoneOneRadio, and tomorrow, I’m leaving for my last “Eurotrip.”

As I explained in the past, part of our class requirements for my abroad program is to work at an internship four days a week for seven weeks. We also have to attend 3 tutorials for our internships based on our major, and we have to write papers about our internships that are due each class. It’s really awesome that having real world experience is part of our class requirement, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to put that work experience on resumes! I’m definitely going to miss the office and it’ll be weird adjusting to another schedule that isn’t the usual 10:30 AM – 6 PM work schedule. However, I’m really excited to start my next internship back in the states, which is at Fox News Channel, working for the collegiate affiliate/intern program Fox News Channel University as a Campus Intern. I’ll be producing written news stories and video news packages from my campus back in Boston, which will be put on the FNCU website ( and I’ll also be promoting Fox News Channel & the internship program, which I was part of last summer.


One of the really cool things I got to do while working at ZoneOneRadio was go to the Barbican Collection’s “Rain Room” Exhibit. It’s a dark room where rain falls from the ceiling and you walk through, but don’t get wet. People wait 2-3 hours for the 10 minute experience. It was really cool, but definitely not worth the wait (but we got in without waiting… yay press passes!)


Probably my favorite memory of ZoneOneRadio AND in London was seeing Prince Phillip leave the Westminster Abbey Field of Remembrance Service on November 8. I presented and produced an episode all about Remembrance Day, and we covered this service. Little did I know that Prince Phillip would be there, and that I would be able to catch a glimpse of the royal!

Tomorrow I leave for my last trip while being abroad. First, I’m going to Dublin to visit my roommate from school who’s studying abroad there. Then on Monday I’m going to Prague to visit my friend from home, and it’s her 21st birthday is on Monday too! And I’ll be back in London on Thursday night. You’re probably wondering how I have all this time off so close to finals… well the Tuesday-Thursday that I’m away are considered “study days,” but since I don’t really have a test to study for, I’m going to be traveling! And our internships are over, so pretty much people who have class on Friday like me have no class between December 1-December 6. I also have the next weekend to do the work that’s due on the last week, so I’ll definitely get everything done. Luckily, I only have one 5 page paper, a 10 minute presentation, and a super easy paper about my internship due in the next 16 days. Yay!

Saturday will be the two-week mark until I leave London and start winter break. I really cannot believe how fast this semester has gone by. Every weekend, workweek and trip has flown by, and it’s really weird to think that in a couple weeks I’ll be packing up for good and heading home. Time really does fly when you’re having fun, or in my case, the time of your life.

Enjoy the weekend!

Also… in case you’re wondering how I feel about going home in 16 days: